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When the Earth is your Apple.

The story of a rare journey of an Alaskan mother and ten year-old son as they give up their material possessions to explore the world for a year.

Travel Tips

  1. Before you go- find out which immunizations you’ll need months in advance.
  2. Especially useful items to pack include a Tablet of some sort, Legos, spring form laundry basket, dental floss (often not sold), small scissors, clothes pins and cord, and copies of your documents in a separate bag.
  3. Travel LIGHT- everything on wheels.
  4. TripAdvisor is your friend.
  5. Ship souvenirs and weather-inappropriate clothing back using parcel post – it may take six weeks but it’s not too expensive and is dependable.
  6. Please do not OVERTIP or OVERPAY. Pay attention to going rates because otherwise you ruin it for other travelers.
  7. Get a letter of introduction from your school principal or superintendent so that your children can visit other schools while traveling.
  8. Evacuation insurance can provide peace of mind if traveling in troubled areas or if you have health concerns.

About Filmmaking and Journalistic Photography

  1. Put a person in your shots.
  2. Rest your elbow to stabilize.
  3. Ask permission when shooting up close.
  4. Take a very small camera – which has a manual function and makes at least 10MB files.
  5. Take back up data options- you can’t rely on every country having what you need and it will likely be more expensive than your local venue.
  6. Take an adaptor for charging (even though most countries have a Western option of plug ins- you can’t always count on this.)