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When the Earth is your Apple.

The story of a rare journey of an Alaskan mother and ten year-old son as they give up their material possessions to explore the world for a year.

Relevant Highlights for Social Emotional Learning Course Work

1. Self-Awareness (I am): Recognizing who I am and how I am feeling relative to the world around me.

1A. Students demonstrate awareness of their emotions. (I am aware of what I am feeling.)

1B. Students demonstrate awareness of their personal traits.

(I am aware of my traits, know what I do well, and know what areas I can work on.)

1C. Students demonstrate awareness of their external supports. (I am aware of the supports I have around me.)

1D. Students have a sense of personal responsibility. (I am aware of my responsibilities.)

2. Self-Management (I can): Managing my behavior in effective, constructive ways.

2A. Students demonstrate ability to manage their emotions constructively. (I can responsibly manage my emotions.)

2B. Students demonstrate honesty/integrity. (I can act in an honest manner.)

2C. Students use effective decision-making skills. (I can make good decisions.)

2D. Students demonstrate ability to set and achieve goals. (I can set and achieve goals that will help me to be successful.)

3. Social Awareness (I care): Demonstrating an awareness of the value of others in the greater communities.

3A. Students demonstrate awareness of other people’s emotions and perspectives. (I care about the feelings and viewpoints of others.)

3B. Students demonstrate consideration for others and a desire to positively contribute to their community.

(I care about others and do my part to make my community better.)

3C. Students demonstrate an awareness of cultural issues and a respect for human dignity and differences. (I care about and respect the individual differences of others.)

3D. Students can read social cues.

(I care about how I perceive others and am being perceived by them.)

4. Social Management (I will): Interacting in meaningful, productive ways with others.

4A. Students use positive communication and social skills to interact effectively with others. (I will interact well with others.)

4B. Students develop constructive relationships. (I will work on having constructive relationships.)

4C. Students demonstrate the ability to prevent, manage, and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways. (I will deal with interpersonal conflicts constructively.)

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