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Understanding Lymphedema Secondary to Cancer Treatment

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  • Mary Katzke, Producer/Director/Survivor

    Mary started her nonprofit, in 1982 when she was just out of film school and had moved to Alaska. Since that time she has made six films for cancer survivors among her four dozen social issues films. She is a 30 year cancer survivor.

  • Greta Artman, Production Coordinator

    Greta started as a volunteer with a Affinityfilms, Inc. over 20 years ago, and moved up to Board President in 2004. She has been working as a production coordinator for 12 years now and is an excellent local networker.

  • Nara Garber, Director of Photography

    Nara Garber's feature documentary debut, Flat Daddy, examined the impact of deployment on military families and was acquired for international broadcast by PBS America. Her cinematography credits include Making the Crooked Straight (HBO), Peabody Award winner Best Kept Secret (POV), Keep Talking (PBS Plus), and additional camerawork on the recently completed End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock. Nara is currently directing a feature documentary about the Anguillian musician Bankie Banx, and remains committed to the belief that a story well told can open hearts and change minds.

  • Vanessa Cochran

    Vanessa's broadcast and online credits include PBS, ABC News, ABC Entertainment, Discovery Channel, HBO, Conde Nast, Bloomberg Television, Fox News, as well as non-profits around the country. Vanessa was educated at Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) and CUNY-Hunter College. She lives minutes from Washington D.C. in Arlington, VA with her handsome husband, even more handsome dog, and future comedian/technologist son.

  • Robyn Bjork, PT, CWS, CLTW, CLT, LANA

    Robyn Bjork, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA is Founder, CEO/President and Executive Director of Education for the International Lymphedema & Wound Training Institute (ILWTI). She is a Physical Therapist who is an expert in the field of wound care and edema/lymphedema management, with over 20 years experience spanning outpatient, inpatient, transitional, long term, and home care settings. Bjork is dedicated to the advancement of Lymphatic & Integumentary Rehabilitation, progression to Modern MLD approaches, and expansion of lymphatic imaging, diagnostics and treatment into general clinical practice. She is excited to see this branch of medicine develop, and facilitates collaboration and cross training of many medical disciplines. Bjork has extensive experience and knowledge in the innovation, engineering and manufacturing of compression garments, and is a strong advocate of compression therapy and garment accessibility for all.

  • Kimmi Katte, Nutritionist

    Kimmi Katte works as a Clinical Nutritionist in Australia, where she enjoys teaching her clients how to use food to improve their health. While her profession requires that she is very familiar with many different dietary protocols, she chooses the ketogenic diet as her preferred to eat, using it as one of her strategies in the management of lymphedema and lipedema. Kimmi has had primary, bilateral, lower leg lymphedema for 29 years.

    Since starting the ketogenic diet, Kimmi has reduced or resolved many of her other health conditions including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, pre-diabetes, major depressive disorder, hypothyroid, chronic allergies, chronic venous insufficiency, GERD, and multiple benign tumours throughout her body.

    Kimmi teaches a nutrient dense version of the ketogenic diet (as well as other dietary protocols that may be suitable for individuals), and many people who have lymphedema and have made the change to a ketogenic diet are a testament to its ability to reduce lymphatic swelling. Her Facebook group Lymphedema and the Classic Ketogenic Diet is the starting point for people to get the basics of this way of eating and also where others with lymphedema can provide and receive support and encouragement to make sustainable changes.

  • Leslie Moore

    Leslie has been specializing in Lymphedema treatment since 2005. She became a certified lymphatic therapist (CLT) in 2005 after completing her lymphedema training in Victoria, BC with the Dr. Vodder School of North America, and has been treating edema conditions since. She obtained her certification as a certified lymphatic therapist with the Lymphology Association of North America (CLT-LANA) which indicates the highest level of competency, expertise, and dedication to advanced learning in the field of lymphology and related disorders. She has attended international lymphatic symposiums, and met with world renowned lymphatic specialists and surgeons to broaden her scope of knowledge and referral sources. However, she maintains that her best education comes from her patients, and she learns from their experiences on a daily basis.

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Mat-Su Health Foundation Alaska Run For Women, fighting breast cancer since 1993

“Special Thanks" to Kathy Bates and LE&RN (Lymphedema Education and Research Network) for use of her capitol testimony.

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