Affinityfilms, Inc.: Meaningful Media


Affinityfilms, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit media production company in 1982 after the creation of the documentary, No Word for Rape which addressed the statewide need to raise awareness of Alaska’s exceptionally high rates of sexual assault. The mission of Affinityfilms is to produce “media with meaning” which works for pro-social change in our society, here in Alaska and across the country. Affinityfilms has no salaried employees and relies on volunteers, a board of directors, and freelance crew who have worked as a team for many years.

We aim for more humane days in our work schedule where typical film shoots press the limits of crew with extremely long days. We serve healthy food to our team. We encourage creative input and artistic reach from everyone including interns and drivers and craft services. We strive to be inclusive, rather than exclusive, believing the best combined exceeds the sum of the minimum by far.

We aim to be the message, as well as create the message.

Greta Artman

Associate Producer and Board Member

Nara Garber

Director of Photography

Mary Katzke


Chris Scarafile

Camera, stills, gaffer

Brian Sattewhite