Affinityfilms, Inc.: Meaningful Media
  • Two children playing on a wooden climbing structure
  • A man and a woman sitting together in front of a painting
  • A smiling woman in a purple flower-print coat, drying fish on a rack outdoors
  • A cluster of wooden crosses and flowers on grassy ground, overlooking the ocean
  • A lake in the wintertime, banks covered in ice and snow
  • An older woman looking off into the distance
  • A smiling man holding up a painting, sitting in front of a larger painting done in the same style
  • A white boat and a blue shack, sitting on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean
  • two people, one older, one younger, making a small mask with sculpted feathers

Affinityfilms, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 is an educational media production company based in Alaska since 1982. We focus on social issues and rely on grants, donations and commissions to create our meaningful media.

Executive Director, Mary Katzke, Affinityfilms, Inc.